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Information for Managers and Coaches

Accident & Incident Reporting – Information and form to complete in the event of an accident or incident email the completed form to Welfare Officer.

Accident & Incident Reporting

Cumberworth Juniors request that, following an incident or accident, the below form is completed at the earliest opportunity, detailing what occurred and providing the full names of all parties involved or affected.

The form for Accident/Incident reporting can be found by clicking here.

Cumberworth Juniors seek to maintain and uphold the best possible practice and cultivate a culture which maximizes the opportunities to learn and maintain the highest standards. It is not the aim of this form to add unnecessary burden to anyone, nor does it seek to apportion blame.


An Accident is where any Team Official or player(s) and or any other individual associated with the club such as supporter or parent suffers an injury which inhibits them from returning to normal full activity and or where they require further assessment whilst engaged or participating in an organised event held by the club.

An Incident is when there has been a negative encounter or experience with any aspect to the game of football which has potential effect on an individual, player or team of Cumberworth Juniors. It may wish to highlight negative or unsatisfactory behaviour, potential or actual areas of conflict or where there has been an unacceptable/unfair outcome.